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Champ Of Sb
  • Submitted: 4 years 1 month ago
  • Taken date: 2008-09-30 15:10:48
  • Original file: 1024 x 651 px
  • File size: 1.9 MB
Description: Italy, Magione Race-track. The biker (Mr. Pedersoli) till a few years ago competed in Super Bike Circus. That day he was testing a motor bike. He performed this perfect pose while bending. Impossible to resist: I took several photos. See EXIF for tech. data. Hand-held camera on monopod.


Submitted: 4 years 1 month ago

Date: Sep 30, 2008

File Size: 514.2 KB

Resolution: 1024x651

Original Size: 1.9 MB


Without Exif


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Comments: 7        Replies: 7

Paulo Abrantes wrote in Oct 29, 2013, 6:19:22 PM

I see a rear Pirelli-P0, 2 golden series Ohlins, and 2x2 carbon termignoni, mounted in a ducati monster that is "the bike of my life" :)) and a guy driving all this in a perfect pose in that right corner (2nd gear, entering, opening in from the midle and raising, full throttle on exit with the rear tire drifting and screaming for the grip..., 3th gear, full, 4th, full, 5th, full, slight touch on brakes about 50m from the parabolic, maintain 5th for loose entering with maximum torque, knife on the teeths for a brave and courageous soft and continous throttle opening all the way from the parabolic, squeezing the 5th on the final quarter of the curve, 6th just before the red cut of the engine, 6th full, final terminus line, body and bike like only one, the sound of the twins roaring and begging for more fuel, and then another turn begins and it starts all over again in a new lap :)

Hi Giulio..., thanks for this one, this is really great !!! - mine is in the garage for a litle tunning on the carbs (is the 900 air cooled engine with carbs..., don´t like the injection versions of that particular engine..., they are like food without "salt and pepper). cheers my friend :)

Giulio Cesare 57 replied:

Thx a LOT, Paulo. I realy appreciate your words and I'm glad we're both fans of motor-races.

Samanta . wrote in Oct 29, 2013, 7:41:28 PM

Impressive capture Giulio, i like his pose

Giulio Cesare 57 replied:

Thx Samanta for your support

Luis Bonito wrote in Oct 30, 2013, 7:07:44 AM

great capture, perfect pose, amazing photo Giulio!

Giulio Cesare 57 replied:

Thx Luis for your words.

Red/benjamim Leandro De Medeiros wrote in Nov 22, 2013, 1:49:52 PM

dynamic angle very well captured greetings Giulio

Giulio Cesare 57 replied:

Thank You very MUCH

José Flacho wrote in Aug 9, 2014, 2:26:20 PM

Great and expressive photo very well done.

Fernando Luz wrote in Apr 19, 2016, 7:32:04 PM

Magnifica capture! Congratulations Giulio

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