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  • Submitted: 28 days 4 hours ago
  • Taken date: 2018-11-16 17:39:35
  • Original file: 1920 x 1280 px
  • File size: 7 MB
Description: Image taken in North Italy using tripod and LEICA V-Lux. ISO 125.Very difficult to keep horizontal & vertical lines perfectly parallel to frame-sides.
Façade in front of me was not a perfect plane. It was a mix of two different planes (from L to R and from R to L) linked by an obtuse angle where live the vertical central windows (a little bit on its right: see embossed wall under restored area). This angle faces the viewer. It appears as a slightly curved surface. Colours and different symmetrical lay-out of windows caught my attention. Even different texture of restored and not restored parts of façade were useful to describe this wall.
Pipe on the left and green background have been useful to “mark” vertical side of frame, IMHO. Almost guiding lines. Colours, lines, shapes: a“close-up” of the two different souls living onto the crop of this building.
Summer 2018.


Submitted: 28 days 4 hours ago

Date: Nov 16, 2018

File Size: 2.2 MB

Resolution: 1920x1280

Original Size: 7 MB


Date: 2018-11-16 17:39:35


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